The community

The Good to Goal Formula Community is a private online platform where we collaborate and put the funds (and fun!) in fundraising.

I am a volunteer, I have run volunteer events and I have been tasked with leading a volunteer sales team someone else created with volunteers dropping off as fast as the organizers were putting out another ‘call to action’ for more volunteers. In essence – I have earned my PhD in what does not work with volunteers!  I knew that to successfully support a group’s fundraising efforts – especially any place volunteers might be involved – was going to require a way to bring cohorts together and to give them a reason to keep coming back!

The aim of the platform is to provide a place where all participants can communicate with, learn from, and support one another. 

It offers….

Private community only with members who are actively participating in the Good to Goal Program.



Mobile app to include access from tablets and phones.

Additional topics for members to apply the goal achievement principles taught to their own personal goals.

And home of the Good to Goal Formula Bootcamp – taught live!

The platform will also feature additional support materials, weekly events, and mini-courses for those who want help with specific areas of their life.

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