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Our goal is to help as many shelters and rescue groups as possible to flourish and thrive!

Depending on what your goals are – and the size of your organization – we have 3 options (or more if you have an idea you don’t see here that you’d like to propose 😃 ).

We’ve put together some helpful guides to assist those who don’t have the budget for their own marketing or fundraising team!




This short and simple to follow handbook packs a powerful punch!

The guide is an excellent introduction to mindset and unique ways to impress and attract donors to pump up the volume on your fundraising efforts.

Shift your attitude in a few small ways to enjoy big returns.

  Key #5 is your 5-figure money maker. 😊

In The Good to Goal Formula (and online community) we tackle the money stuff  since I believe it’s one of the biggest mindset blockers in the “non-profit” world.  Because of that I feel it’s important to include some ways to address it, especially if you’re not going to be participating in our program and community.

Did you know that your habitual thoughts about money are going to have a huge impact on whether you achieve your fundraising (and personal financial) goals or don’t?

Having more money isn’t so much about changing the way you work as it is changing the way you think.  You have the ability to make as much money as you want and yet for most of us, we’ve been told our entire lives that the only way to make more money is to work harder or win the lottery (the latter input followed by an eyeball roll).

Consider this – it’s not true that working harder always gets you more money.  There’s not a direct correlation between how hard you work and how much money you bring in.  This seems glaringly obvious when you consider that people who work in physically demanding labor-type jobs make the least amount of money and those (typically) sitting at a desk talking about things they’re passionate about, make the most.

Clearly, there is more of a parallel between your money mindset and how much money you make.  If one of your fundraising goals is something that is going to provide your organization with a large financial payout then it’s important to understand that your money mindset will either catapult you to achievement or keep you stuck in ‘not having’.  The way you think about money has a real and direct influence on how much you actually raise.

Upgrading your level of income and success in fundraising isn’t so much about positive thinking as it is about changing beliefs that lead to negative thinking.  Empowering thoughts and perspectives will naturally surface when the ones that are wrecking havoc on your goals and experience with money are gone.

Take a look at this offer if you would like to…

  • Discover how people who “have plenty” of money think differently than people who “don’t have”.
  • Find out if your attitude either opens or closes the door when ‘opportunity knocks’.
  • Explore how your beliefs create and limit your financial reality.
  • Learn what it takes to achieve a state of financial health.
  • Receive tips for changing your mindset!

Includes 2 PDF ebooks + accompanying workbooks for you to start shifting your money mojo!

I’m not going to inflate these offers to some crazy price then offer you a huge discount so you think you’re getting more value because you’ll be able to easily see for yourself that this is worth way more than you pay for it!

And since I want to help you succeed as much as possible, I’m going to include a 44-page Good to Goal Journal.  It has lots of great prompts with room for you to enter your answers.  Writing (by hand) in a journal is a very cool and useful tool which I highly recommend. Please Note:  The Good to Goal Journal is not a ‘how to’ document and is geared more towards personal goals than fundraising goals.

These are the purchase options:

6 Keys to Unleash Your Fundraising Superpower $5

Money Matters:  How Your Out-Look Impacts Your In-come (bundled with)
Revenue Remedy:  Change Your Money Beliefs and Change Your Life (plus both workbooks + journal) $15

Or if you want all of them $17 for everything!

Everything Bundle

Excluding 8.25% tax

6 Keys to Unleash Your Fundraising Superpower

Excluding 8.25% tax

Money Mojo Bundle

Excluding 8.25% tax

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