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About Me

Welcome! I'm 'SL' (Sindee Lee) Gillespie, The Go-to-Girl for Goal Achievement

While I’ve always been an animal lover (I cannot recall ever NOT having a dog) I got my first taste of what it meant to ‘do good’ when I volunteered for the Humane Society where I lived in Canada. I was one of the people who took a kitten or puppy to a retirement home as part of a ‘pet therapy’ program. Little did I know at the time how far off my vision of visiting and having fun with grandparent like seniors was…I visited the floors where the residents had the greatest challenges, namely Alzheimer’s and near end of life care. I will never forget the day the staff at one location cried because a man who had not spoken in TWO-FRIGGING-YEARS reached out to the little fur baby in my arms and said “puppy”.

There was so much emotion around the visits though that it was a real challenge for me to continue volunteering.  One day the Director said to me “SL, you’re one of the best Volunteer’s we’ve ever had and yet you must stop crying so hard in the lobby when you bring the animals back.”  She was right.  I had the heaving sob thing going on every time I got there.  Not inspiring for the other people who were there to adopt. 

My first experience as a Foster Mom proved equally as heart wrenching. Gracie brought so much to our lives (including 7 puppies – the first of which she birthed on my formerly off-white living room carpet) and yet when the most perfect person on the planet came to pick her up I cried like I never knew I could cry. I’ve never been good at managing the emotions around letting go of someone I love never mind letting go of a beautiful girl who loved me unconditionally.  The same thing happened with my next two little four-legged loves.

What’s a girl to do? Just open her damn checkbook and help financially instead of something that hurt so much?  In my life experience, I know that when I ask, I am always answered. At a time when I was asking how can I serve; how can I take all my business know how and passion for business building and use it in a way that will fulfill me, I got my answer.  What started off as a simple solution to a struggling business owner’s problem inspired me – a way that I can continue to “assist and encourage those in my world to flourish and thrive”.

In one way, I feel totally selfish – “I get to” help people help animals. You guys are the ones in the trenches doing all the heavy lifting and I am simply someone on the sidelines cheering you on and loving you all for the work you do. I wish I was as strong as you. I’ve failed as a Volunteer and I’ve failed as a Foster Mom. One thing I know I know how to do is “build business” and I am over-the-moon grateful for the opportunity to help you raise money for what you’re doing. Thank you for allowing me to do whatever I can to make that a reality (with lots of zero’s and commas) for you!

 Looking forward to your success –

‘SL” (Sindee Lee)
Merry Moola, Inc.