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Putting the Funds in Fundraising!

Fund Your Programs

Are you an animal shelter in need of fundraising solutions?

Have you had enough of not having enough?

Are you ready to establish steady, consistent funding for your shelter and its programs?

Good to Goal™ is an innovative and unique fundraising approach created especially for animal shelters with prison dog training programs, service animal programs and other select programs shelters offer.

Good to Goal™ brings together animal shelters and supporters to discover new ways of doing things, which open our minds, hearts and possibilities.  Together we can set and achieve more ambitious goals (personally and professionally) while we create on-going program funding that previously, was only imagined, could be attained.

As a team, the crew at Good to Goal™, constructs, puts into action, and oversees the fundraising activities with donations flowing directly to each shelters bank account through Zeffy, the donation software we utilize for our online campaigns.

The aim of the Good to Goal™ Mission is:

To provide on-going funding for prison and juvenile justice system dog training programs.

To save the lives of, and increase the adoptability of, shelter dogs.

To help the "Hooman" participants achieve their goals, in every area of their life.

The Good to Goal™ Framework is based on some serious out-of-the-box thinking.  With six components, we grow shelter program funding through our application of:

As a shelter, would you like to be supported by a community of active and engaged people who consistently help you achieve your fundraising goals?

How It Works

As part of how we work together, our fundraisers are given a membership to our online community. After they complete our Good to Goal Bootcamp (where they learn The Good to Goal Formula) and get their 'Can Do' muscles pumped, they'll harness the power of a success mindset in achieving their own personal and professional goals. These are the same principles we implement in the various fundraising campaigns we run on behalf of each shelter.

Find out more about The Good to Goal Formula here

Learning how to be successful is a process.  The content offered in the Good To Goal™ community guides members in the ways and means underlying it. It begins with the development of 'inner game' skills and then builds with a plan to make living your best life a habit. Through on-going group coaching and mentoring we keep the momentum up!

If you'd like to contact anyone at Good to Goal™ please use the 'Request to Join' button on the top right corner of this page to submit your question and information.

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